Tavistock Assistance Program

TAP is a Christian, charitable, community organization providing support to local residents during temporary and emergency situations. We recognize that an unexpected setback can be difficult to navigate alone. We’re here to provide a customized support plan, to help you return to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

TAP is built on the foundation of neighbours helping neighbours. We’re a network of helpful contacts, appropriate supports and caring guidance, within the areas of Shakespeare, Tavistock, and Hickson.

Together, we’re building a strong, healthy communities.

Get Support

Getting support with TAP is easy. 

– Email tapisforyou@outlook.com 
– Call 519-655-3500 

Program Director, Angela Brenner, will get back to you within 24 hours. A customized and realistic assistance plan will be provided. And every situation is handled confidentially. 

We understand it may be difficult to ask for help. It’s our goal to put you at ease. 

Give Support

TAP provides a customized assistance plan to help individuals get through a setback. We’re a local solution to offer a hand up. As needs vary, so do TAP’s resources.

A few ways to help are:

– By monetary donation. These donations may be used to purchase gas cards, fresh produce, clothing items, baby care, medical expenses, etc.

– Host an event. If you’re hosting an event of any kind and wish to offer support to TAP, give us a call. We are blessed with several friendly and energetic volunteers, ready to help out in almost any capacity.

– Have an idea that might help TAP? Contact us with your fundraising ideas.


"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued generosity towards our family. We are hoping to pay it forward when _____ is back to work. Your organization has made us feel like family and that is truly appreciated. You can't fully understand the difference you have made in our lives."
- Confidential

Serving Hickson, Tavistock, Shakespeare.