Mission & values


The Tavistock Assistance Program is committed to mobilizing the community to help neighbours in times of hardship. Our mission is to provide confidential assistance to ensure our neighbours receive caring support and guidance in the event of immediate need or duress.


TAP is a Charitable Organization

We are a Christian, charitable organization, solely funded through donations from the community. T.A.P. is a registered charity under CRA guidelines (Charity BN / Registration # 83646 1301 RR0001).

TAP is an Immediate Support System

During immediate, challenging situations or emergencies, which disrupt everyday life, we believe that it is important for everyone to understand they can and should receive help.

TAP is Building a Strong Community

To ensure that all of our family, friends and neighbours have food, clothing, spiritual guidance, financial services and other necessities of life, as needed.

TAP is Confidential

Confidentiality is at the forefront of T.A.P. We ensure the personal information of the people we support remains completely confidential.