To Need is to be Vulnerable

In strong communities, we often find that our neighbours reach out freely when we need them most. It can feel as though they know the right time to drop off those delicious baked goods, offer a ride, or pick up the garbage cans that have blown down the street. Their timing just seems to be perfect.

These generous favours usually come to us unasked. While we’re grateful for the kind gesture, we find ourselves negotiating with our own feelings about whether to accept. And in the end, we feel somewhat relieved knowing that we can return the favour one day.

But what happens when a need goes unseen or misunderstood? The impact of a need can leave us feeling stressed, wounded by monetary loss, or maybe even feeling loneliness or guilt. Non-physical symptoms of need are often very difficult to see. Yet they exist.

Asking for help may be one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. It can often leave us feeling vulnerable and emotional at a time when we’re trying our best to keep it all together.

But in vulnerability there is strength and a commitment to being open to receiving support so that we can heal… from physical displacement, from illness, from a place of emotional distress. Being part of a strong community can sometimes mean being a good neighbour and friend to our own selves as well as to others. This means finding the strength to reach out to those who are willing to stand by us.

The Tavistock Assistance Program provides support for needs within our community. Our services are completely confidential, non-judgmental, and backed by Christian values. We are the neighbours you can count on to be there. And when the timing is right, and you wish to repay the favour, there are many ways you can give back to TAP. But for now, let’s just focus on you.

Contact TAP confidentially at:
Phone: 519-655-3500

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