One pair of glasses changed her life

Girl and her glasses

We met with this endearing young girl, along with her mother. Her mother was alone, and worked hard each day just to put food on the table. After a lengthy discussion about what might be at the root cause of this girl’s behaviour, we all came to realize that she may be struggling with her eyesight.

While eye examinations are covered for school aged children today, they weren’t at the time. T.A.P. arranged for a visit with an optometrist, and soon this bright, young girl was fitted with her first pair of glasses, to which she exclaimed, “I don’t see no squiggles no more!”

Almost immediately, “Squiggles” started to excel in public school and eventually, she graduated high school with honours. We think about her often today, and we’re so happy that, thanks to our community supporters, T.A.P. was able to help provide her first pair of glasses.

TAP thrives on the building blocks of neighbours helping neighbours.

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